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Ultimate Golf Gifts Buying Guide For 2019

Golf Gift Buying Guide


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In this guide we highlight the best golf gifts to buy family, friends, and share many different ideas you can request as gifts for your birthday or holidays.

Picking out the right gift for a golfer can be a challenge, especially if you’re not too familiar with the sport of golf. We hope this guide aides you in learn which items are best so you can surprise a fellow golfer and seem like you know what you’re doing when you picked them out a golf gift.

Let’s dive in!

Gifts for golfers under $50

If you hop on Amazon or a local golf shop there will be many golf accessories you can buy that are priced under $50. The most popular low cost golf items include:

However, you should check with the golfer first to see if these items are in need as they may already have a large supply of golf accessories, tees, ball markers, and may already have a golf glove and towel they use regularly.



Funny Golf Gifts

You can also find funny golf gifts like exploding golf balls, coffee mugs that say funny quotes a golfer would understand, or even fun golf t-shirts. It really depends on the person you are buying a gift for.

Older players and seniors would likely be happy with simple coffee mugs or kitchenware that has golf content stamped on it. This gives them an item they use weekly and they’ll think of you when using it.


Gifts For Golfers Who Have Everything?

Some golfers seemingly have all the gear and accessories already but with a bit of research, you can find a perfect gift that will make the occasion extra special. Some quality gifts for golfers with everything would be a top notch Golf Rangefinder or a golf GPS watch. If you really wanted to push the boat out, you could get them an electric follow golf push cart that would make all their golf buddies jealous.


Golf Rangefinders

Golf Rangefinders allow golfers to check their distance to the green so they can pick the right club and play the perfect shot. Tec Tec Tec make some of the best golf rangefinder and if they are due an upgrade, this could be the perfect gift. Some rangefinders have slope and you will definitely want to get this feature for that to maximise the effect of the gift.


Check Out Our Top 10 Best Rangefinders of 2019 Here:


Golf GPS Watches

A Golf GPS watch can be a lot more than a golf gift but something that your significant other can wear all the time. Golfwise, these GPS watches let them know the exact distance to the pin so they can select the right club and play the correct shot. Garmin currently make probably the best Golf GPS watches with the S10, S20 and the S60. These quality watches come with 100’s of pre-loaded courses and we would recommend Garmin if you are going the GPS watch route.


Check Out Our Top 10 Best Golf Gps Watches Of 2019 Here:

Electric Golf Push Carts


Electric Golf Push Carts have become more technologically  advanced in keeping with the times recently and we have have some great ones on the market to choose from.

Follow push carts:

Certain Electric Golf Carts can now follow you around the course. Your golf friend will hit their shot and their cart will follow them up the fairway(hopefully). The Stewart X9 is a quality follow push cart if you are in the market and have a more forgiving budget for the occasion.


Robotic Electric Golf Push Carts:

Controlling a golf trolley with a remote control can bring immense pleasure to the golfer in your life.  Electric push carts are becoming more and more popular in recent times and the Spin It GC1R Easy Trek Electric Golf Push Cart is one that comes highly recommended from us and won’t let you down.

Check Out Our Top 10 Best Electric Golf Push Carts Of 2019 Here:

What Do You Buy A Golf Lover?

There are lots of expensive golf gifts you could purchase that a golf lover would absolutely love. For example, purchasing tickets to a Major PGA Tournament like the U.S. Open of PGA Championship. These can run $60 to $200 depending on the week day or weekend rate.

If you believe they like playing golf more so than watching golf, you could get them passes to golf courses in your city or at a vacation destination so they can play rounds of golf in new locations and courses.

Golf shirts from popular brands are also an option as well. Popular brands can include Nike, Greg Norman, Puma, Adidas, and more.

Another idea is golf balls. Golfers always love golf balls. Let’s jump to that in the next section to help you understand which golf balls are ideal as gifts.


Amazon Gifts for golfers

Amazon is home to hundreds of possible golf gifts and a wide range of prices depending on your budget for gift giving season. It’s also easy for them to return if you happen to pick the wrong gift! But don’t worry about that.

Here are some top suggestions for gifts from Amazon:


Golf Gifts For Dad?

One gift that dad’s would love to receive related to golf are range gift cards or range passes. It’s a great way for dad to decompress after working by heading to the driving range to hit some golf balls. It’s also a fun activity he can go do on weekends and something he can take the kids along for as well.

Another idea would be buying him a golf swing lesson or package of lessons if he’s been complaining about his golf game and swing. Most golfers are reluctant to take lessons from a swing instructor because of the cost, but if it’s gifted, then it would be a great resource to have on hand when dad needs to fix his swing.

Dad’s also enjoy getting new golf shirts and golf pants so they can change up their outfits time to time on the course. If he likes to drink you can also get him a beer cooler for the golf course so him and the guys can have a good time playing.


Golf Gift Ideas For Her

If you’re picking out golf gifts for a female / lady golfer, there are a lot of cool options she should love. Here’s our suggestions:


Christmas Golf Gift Ideas

With holiday season, there are many Christmas themed golf gifts you can buy online or at a local golf shop. For example:

  • Christmas themed golf shirts
  • Christmas themed golf balls
  • Coffee mugs, water bottles, drinking glasses
  • Cooler for beers on the golf course
  • Electronics

Since Christmas is usually the season when gift budgets are higher and you’re thinking of spending more money, this could be a good time for picking one of several electronics a golfer may need.

These can include golf rangefinders, golf GPS watches, wireless speakers that attach to the golf cart, or possibly high end like an Apple watch (which pairs with many golf apps to act like a golf watch too).

Unusual Golf Gifts

An avid may have all the gear and you have to think outside the box for the perfect stocking filler. This can make gift buying a challenge as you’ll have to come up with an unusual idea.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Putter Ball Golf Game
  • Chippo Back Yard Chipping Game
  • Gift Cards to Play a Round at Special Golf Courses

The Putter Ball Golf Game is a simple golf putting mat they can set out on the floor at home or in the backyard. It comes with 12 hole covers (6 for each side) and you play competitively against a friend. The goal is to putt the ball trying to get it in one of the 6 holes on the opposite end of you. Once you make it, that hole gets covered. The first player to make all 6 of the different putts wins.

Chippo is a fun backyard chipping game similar to cornhole. The difference is a golfer uses his wedge or chipping club to hit a golf ball at the box, trying to make it in the hole, similar to cornhole throwing a sand bag at the box trying to get into the hole.

Gift cards are ideal for golfers who like to get out and play other courses besides their home course. Find a special course that person has been wanting to go play that is nearby (30 miles or less) and buy a gift card to it so they can play a round of golf there for free.

What Are The Best Golf Balls?

When shopping for golf balls, it’s important to pick out the right balls to impress the golfer that you knew what you were doing when gift buying. It can also work opposite as the gift opener could be quietly disappointed inside when they open a box of golf balls to find out they aren’t a very good brand.

To avoid this fear of picking the wrong type of golf balls, here are the most common brands golfers love to receive and that make a perfect gift:

  • Titleist Pro V1 & Pro V1 X
  • TaylorMade TP5 & TP5 X
  • Callaway Chrome Soft
  • Titleist Tour Soft
  • Srixon Z Star


What Is The Best Golf Swing Analyzer?

Another gift idea is picking out a golf swing analyzer device that the golfer can use to practice their golf swing. A swing analyzer is usually a small, compact device that looks similar to a phone. The golfer can set it down on the ground to measure different data about their swing as the laser / sensors capture the swing motion.

Some golf swing analyzer devices attach to the golf club so that they are in motion with the golf club during the swing to gather data like how fast the club is swinging.

If you go this route for gift buying we recommend the Arccos 360 Swing Technology. It’s a golf club tracking system where the golfer can plug sensors into the ends of their golf clubs and they’ll track how far the golfer hits the ball with each club.

This can help the player work on improving distance with specific clubs as well as learn more about their tendencies so they can score lower. It really is an awesome technology that any golfer should love having access to if you elect to buy it as a gift.

You can find the Arccos 360 technology on their website or on Amazon.


What Should A Beginner Golfer Have In His Bag?

Every beginner should have staple items in their golf bag they’ll need during a golf round. These staple items include:


Golf Balls – what the golfer will hit during a round of golf. One golf ball is used during the round of play but should the golfer hit the ball out of bounds or lose it in water, they’ll need to carry extra golf balls to replace it with.

Check Out Our Top 10 Soft Golf Balls For Beginners Here:

Golf Towel – important to have for wiping off clubs to keep them clean especially on muddy, wet days.

Golf Tees – golfers will break tees and go through several during a round of play so it’s great to have many tees on hand. They’re cheap and easy to buy a pack at a local golf shop.

Golf Clubs – self explanatory, but to play golf a beginner will need a set of clubs. This includes a driver, woods, irons, chipping wedge, and putter.

Ball Markers – used for marking the golf ball on a putting green when it’s not your turn to putt.

Divot Fixers – used to fix ball divot marks on the green to smooth the surface out

GPS Watch / Rangefinder – distance devices a golfer can use to learn the accurate yardage between themselves and the hole. This is important for picking the right golf club to hit the shot and playing the correct distance.

Golf Shoes – comfortable shoes with good traction are a must for helping the golfer play his/her golf round. Golf shoes are special shoes with spikes on the bottoms to help grip the ground during the swing.


What Every Golfer Needs?

Every golfer needs a great driver. This is the one golf club in the bag you cannot go wrong with. Most golfers shop for new drivers annually and bi-annually if they aren’t content with their current driver.

Every year drivers are upgraded with new technology and this is beneficial because it lowers the prices on previous years models. This leaves you opportunity to purchase a great golf driver at a more affordable price tag.

For example, TaylorMade M4 is an amazing driver as well as the M2. But these drivers are outdated now that TaylorMade has released the M6.

Whether you go with the absolute newest driver or an older version from a few years prior, I’m sure the golfer you are buying gifts for will still appreciate the gift very highly. Drivers are a huge deal to golfers and many golfers hold back buying themselves quality because of the price. But as a gift, it makes sense to get a newer driver.



Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration from today’s golf gift buying guide. These are several ideas we compiled that we believe golfers love most and make great gift ideas. Picking out the perfect gift will really depend on budget and any tips or clues you got from the golfer.

If you notice they need a new driver and have the budget, this could be a great option. Or you can stick towards mid-budget items like golf balls and golf shirts. On the cheaper end of the budget spectrum you can always get them a restocking supply of golf tees or other smaller golf accessories; towels, hat, club cleaner tools, etc.


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Golf Hybrids

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Golfing Wedges

The Definitive Golf Wedge Buying Guide

Golf Wedge Buying Guide

Imagine picking out the perfect golf wedge and seeing instant improvement on the golf course when chipping, pitching, and hitting out of sand bunkers.

It doesn’t always work like that, but golf wedges can be bought with special customization’s that fit your golf game best to help you excel in your short game.

In this buying guide, we will highlight the different components of a wedge so you can better understand the make and build of golf wedges when shopping.

You’ll be able to understand the difference between wedge grinds, lofts, and finishes and how they impact your play.

You’ll also learn the different types of wedges to choose from, how many wedges you should have in your golf bag, and other common questions you may face when shopping for a new wedge.

This will help you pick out the right wedge with the right components and features that can help you see improvement out on the golf course.

Let’s get started!



Cleveland Golf Men's RTX-3 VMG (Mid Bounce) Wedge, Black Satin


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Wilson Harmonized Golf Wedge


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Callaway Golf 2017 Men's Sureout Wedge


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Golf Wedge Components

There are different components you’ll want to learn more about in this section that make up the build and design of a golf wedge. These can be changed into many variations by manufacturers to create all kinds of wedges that fit different golfer’s needs.

  • Loft
  • Bounce
  • Sole Grind
  • Grooves
  • Leading Edge
  • Finishes
  • Shaft


The first major component of a golf wedge is loft. It’s the angle of the face of the wedge compared to an imaginary vertical straight line and measured in degrees. All clubs have loft with your driver being the lowest at 9-13 degrees loft and your lob wedge being the highest at 60-64 degrees loft.

The higher the degrees loft, the more backspin the golf club can generate on the golf ball, which makes it elevate higher into the air creating a higher trajectory golf shot with less distance. This explains why your driver (less loft) hits farther than your wedges (higher loft), but your wedges can stop faster (more backspin) on a green than a driver can (less backspin).

In terms of wedges, most golfers have multiple wedges in their bag with different lofts to cover different shots they’ll face in their short game.

For example, you could have a 54 degree wedge used for most chip shots and then a 64 degree lob wedge to use on flop shots that stop quickly on the green after flying over a bunker to a tight pin position with little green to land the ball on.

BounceGolf Wedge Bounce Rate

Bounce helps your wedge rebound off the ground so that it doesn’t dig into the turf when hitting chips, pitches, and bunker shots. The “bounce” of the wedge is the section on the clubhead that actually makes contact with the ground and it’s made up of different parts like the sole, leading edge, and sole angle.

When picking out a wedge, there are many bounce options to choose from. First consider your swing tendency. Do you tend to dig or sweep the golf ball on your wedge shots? This can help you determine whether you need more bounce (digger) or less bounce (sweeper).

Bounce ranges from 0 degrees to 14 degrees and can be classified into three groups; low bounce wedges (0-5), medium bounce wedges (6-10), and high bounce wedges (10+).

The bounce angle is measured by taking the angle of the leading edge to the sole. The sole is what makes contact with the ground since the wedge has a bounce angle making the sole sit lower than the leading edge. This helps keep the leading edge (bottom of the wedge face) from digging.

You can learn more about which bounce you should play in this helpful article from ValueGuidePGA

Sole & Sole Grind

The sole is the bottom of the golf wedge that makes contact with the ground when the wedge is sitting at address. It’s usually an inch or two wide. The sole is then “grinded” down using a machine to create different shapes which can impact how it sets on the ground.

For example, a heel grind takes the heel portion of the sole down lower so the club sits lower at address which can be beneficial for certain shot types. Make note, however, that sole grinds affect bounce.

When buying a wedge, the sole grind is noted using different letters like “C” or “S” or “U” as examples. Talk with a club fitter to learn which grind may be best for your wedge based on your chip shot and pitch shot styles.


Grooves are the lines you see cut into the face of the wedge’s club head. These groove lines used to be deeper cut in the old days but recently the USGA changed rules, stating that the deep grooves gave unfair advantage.

Grooves are what give the club a way of grabbing the golf ball just like treads on a tire help the tire grab the road. Grooves are commonly laser etched into the club face and must conform with the spin regulations set by the USGA.

They also help the clubface create friction with the golf ball which is how the spin and trajectory is generated around the greens to help you gain control with your short game.

Keeping the grooves clean is important if you want to produce higher spin golf shots and if you want your chips to perform consistently. We recommend carrying a damp towel with your golf bag to wipe down and clean your clubs after golf shots to keep the face and grooves clean for optimal performance.

Leading Edge

Your typical wedge face has a rounded pear shape with grooves etched into the wedge face to create spin on the golf ball. The leading edge you hear referred to often in this guide is simply the bottom edge of the club face.

If you tilt your wedge shaft back at address (hands move behind the ball at address) this raises the leading edge and is a commonly used on flop shops. It also can increase your chances of skulling the golf ball since the leading edge is raised up higher away from the ground at address.

If you tilt your shaft forward (hands lead ahead of the ball) then this shuts the face more and lowers the leading edge towards the ground to create that crisp contact but also can lead to chunks and digs.


Golf Wedges

When wedge shopping you’re going to see different colored club heads on wedges like bronze, silver, blacked out, or even a blueish color. This would be known as the finish the wedge underwent.

The type of finish you choose comes down to personal preference. Which color appeals to you the best and which gives you confidence at address when you look down at your wedge about to pull off a successful chip or pitch shot.

  • Darker Finish – usually that black or dark grey look but the paint can wear easier overtime leaving chipped paint looks on the wedge
  • Chrome & Nickel – this would be the silver colored wedge finish you see and it tends to be more durable maintaining its color appearance longer
  • Bronze & Rose Gold – also known as a raw finish, it tends to rust more over time which adds more friction to the wedge which can create more spin on chip shots.


A wedge shaft is equivalent to a stiff shaft but has specific “wedge flex” built into it. Wedge shafts are also usually made of steel but can also come in graphite if it’s part of a graphite club set.

Shaft length is the shortest in your golf bag with wedges but the shorter length is designed to helps it generate height on your shots and lots of backspin.

Here is a helpful video featuring Bob Vokey, who has created a world famous line of wedges known as the Titleist Vokey wedges, and Mark Crossfield who does educational golf club review videos on his channel.

4 Types of Golf Wedges

According to Golfication, here are the four main types of golf wedges to choose to include in your set of clubs.

Pitching Wedge (PW)

The pitching wedge is one of the typical wedges that comes with an iron set by default. It’s an extension of the 9 iron with higher loft to fill that next distance gap. The pitching wedge is usually manufactured with a 44-48 degree loft.

It’s a multi-use golf club used for full swings to the green from 100+ yards out as well as for half and three quarter swings from awkward pitching distances inside 100 yards. You can also use it around the greens for longer chip shots when more roll is needed.

Gap Wedges (GW)

A gap wedge does just as the name suggests, it fills the distance “gap” golfers face between their full swing pitching wedge and their full swing with a chipping wedges or lob wedge. It has a loft usually between 50-53 degrees which fits between the pitching wedge (44-48 degree) and most chipping / lob wedges (54-60 degrees).

The average male golfer can find the gap wedge useful on full swings from 75-100 yards as well as for chipping around the greens and half pitch shots from 30-70 yards. This club can be replaced in some iron sets for an AW which stands for Approach Wedge and has similar degrees loft.

Sand Wedges (SW)

In the old days a sand wedge with the letter “S” on the end of the club head was more common. It has a loft range of 54-58 degrees and used commonly to escape sand bunkers, hence the name sand wedge. It also is a go to club choice for chip shots and pitch shots due to the higher loft that can stop the ball more quickly.

Lob Wedges (LW)

As the name suggests, a lob wedge is used for the higher trajectory shots where you’ll “lob” the golf ball higher into the air so it can land softer with less roll. This is the club commonly used on flop shots as well as bunker shots and chip shots where high spin is required. It has a loft of 60-64 degrees and the face can be opened up during address with proper technique to generate even higher loft if needed.

Golf Wedge Q&A

Which Golf Bounce Should I Choose for My Wedge?

Low bounce wedges are ideal if you take shallow divots or have tighter turf conditions where the ground is firmer to bounce the club off of it.

High bounce wedges are built for golfers who take deeper divots or for golf courses with softer conditions where the club is more prone to digging into the ground.

Medium bounce wedges are a good option if you play a variety of golf courses and want a club that can be more versatile to fit different course conditions. You also can choose to buy two wedges, one with higher bounce and one with lower bounce if you choose.

How Many Wedges Should I Have in My Golf Bag?

How Wedges Should I Have In my Bag

You can have as many wedges as you’d like, there is no formal limit in the rule book. Most golfers carry multiple wedges but seniors tend to carry less wedges in exchange for more hybrids and fairway woods to fit their distance needs on a golf course.

An example wedge variety would include multiple wedges spread across 4 degree increments. For example:

  • Pitching Wedge (48 degree)
  • Gap Wedge (52 Degree)
  • Chipping Wedge (56 Degree)
  • Lob Wedge (60 Degree)

This would take up 4 of the 14 club spots leaving 10 left for your driver, fairway wood, hybrid, putter, and 4-9 irons.

What Degree Loft Should My Wedge Be?

If your chipping style is a bump & run, low chip shot with more roll you can get away with using your 9 iron or pitching wedge on most chip shots. You could also buy a higher lofted wedge like a 60 degree or 64 degree to keep in the bag for extreme situations when high loft is need, like a flop shot.

If your chipping style is to fly the ball farther and higher trajectory with less roll out, then you could benefit from carrying a 56 or 58 degree wedge with higher loft to perform these types of shots consistently.

As mentioned above, we recommend you carry multiple wedges of different lofts to maximize your ability to pull off different golf shots you’ll face in different scenarios and course conditions. Think about green speeds and the golf course softness or hardness of the ground in general to help you decide too.

Best Golf Wedge Brands?

If you’re wondering which golf wedges are the best on the market, it’s first important to analyze the best golf wedge manufacturing brands in the business.

These include:

  • Cleveland Wedges
  • Titleist Vokey Wedges
  • Callaway Wedges
  • Ping Wedges
  • Mizuno Wedges
  • TaylorMade Wedges

Cleveland and Titleist are two of the most popular in the wedge industry. Just as TaylorMade and Callaway are referred to as the best driver brands, Cleveland is usually considered the top brand in the golf wedge category with many of their wedges making the top 10 lists of best golf wedges.

Vokey wedges by Titleist have many generations noted by the symbol SM8 or SM7 which stands for “Spin Milled” plus whichever generation number the wedges have evolved to.


Congrats on completing today’s golf wedge buying guide! Today we covered the different types of wedges you could have in your golf bag from the pitching wedge to gap wedge to sand and lob wedges.

You also learned what the different components of a wedge are like loft, sole grinds, bounce, leading edge, grooves, and shaft makes for wedges.

You learned the importance of each wedge and how carrying multiple in your bag is optimal to be able to use them for different types of shots you’ll face on the golf course.

You’re now ready to buy new wedges and if you need recommended brands to shop first, we mentioned above the popular brands like Cleveland, Titleist, Callaway, Ping, and TaylorMade as good starting points.

You can expect the price to be affordable for wedges, which allows you to purchase multiple if you choose. Overall, trying out different bounces and sole grinds will be most important when shopping to learn what suits your game and style of golf swing best!

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